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What’s Next? Flint Water Crisis

“What’s Next?” this week interviews Brett Heimov, the Managing Director of the Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm Envision Strategy. Brett was recently retained to represent the

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As the U.S. focuses on its presidential primary campaign cycle and domestic political woes, there is a growing crisis across the Atlantic. Though important and

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Brazil on the Brink

Brazil is in turmoil. With a faltering economy and a president facing possible impeachment, it is a country on a brink of a far-reaching crisis

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Can Liberals Frack?

In this article published on The New York Times, author Gary Sernovitz analyzes whether Liberals can support Fracking and still be considered ‘liberal.’

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Q&A: Anti-Corruption

Senior Vice President Ian McCaleb, of LEVICK’s Business Intelligence practice, has helped multinationals address corruption allegations that threaten to undermine their brand and jeopardize plans

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