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Grassroots Advocacy

The Balance of Power has Shifted to the People.

Power to the people, literally. The Internet has forever shifted the balance of power, putting grassroots initiatives and advocacy on par with and ever increasingly ahead of businesses, traditional influencers and the media. Whether loosely organized or tightly knit, groups of like-minded people—often with the aid of the plaintiffs bar, attorneys generals, unions, NGOs, and other interest groups—have the ability to shape public policy, redefining “chain of command” and separating old walls that stood between citizens and public officials. Most importantly, they control the timeline.

The online battleground is rife with hazards–and opportunities. Smart companies realize that grassroots campaigns require early warning. Intelligence which tells you what’s next and defines defense and offense. You must prepare to withstand and counter the impact of a grassroots campaign, and also prepare to mount and nurture your own grassroots campaign to help drive important policy decisions. Whether your business is still standing after the tackle or is poised to run for the end zone depends solely on your ability to effectively inspire action.

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Create Communities of Support.

There’s more to grassroots advocacy than sheer numbers; gathering legions of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers is only the beginning. When effectively executed, your grassroots advocacy engagement will be an exercise that amasses communities of support that can be engaged and mobilized when they are needed most. Your business can speak directly to its audiences without fear of media distortion or dilution.

When legislative or regulatory decisions hold your industry’s future in the balance, LEVICK’s grassroots advocacy strategies act as a force multiplier that demonstrates overwhelming levels of support.