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Public Affairs

Impact Public Opinion.

Whoever shapes the issue defines it. Feeding the hungry or GMOs? Affordable energy or a pipeline? Fair minded regulation or government overreach? People get far too much information far too quickly to distinguish facts, so they categorize. Good or bad? In my interest or not? Part of my tribe or adversarial?

Public opinion moves in a given direction on one issue and a completely different direction on a seemingly similar issue because of who controls the narrative and the influencers. People look to road signs—editorials, online influencers, politicians, neighbors, interest groups—they trust to help them determine how they feel. And the instant they know how they feel, they are certain.

Facts become irrelevant. Whether you’re trying to sway public opinion, reduce regulatory pressure or simply provide ground cover for your lawyers, lobbyists and other advocates, framing the issue and influencing the influencers is the key to a successful resolution. how we can help your business.

Do you know the steps to take—with regulators, the public and other stakeholders—to help sway their opinions?

Levick Public Affairs Practice

Start a Movement or Stop One Before it Starts.

To “win” in Washington or the Court of Public opinion, you must actively reach decision-makers, community leaders, and the highly-networked and digitally-savvy constituencies to which they are beholden. But yesterday’s straightforward public relations and public affairs approaches to this situation is like bringing a bicycle to NASCAR; it has no chance of winning.

Long-term relationships with political leaders don’t happen overnight. When your corporate reputation is on the line, you need proven public affairs and public relations experience

Our integrated team—political media relations experts, public affairs communicators, grassroots specialists, rapid response teams, business intelligence analysts, and digital media strategists—works together in one coordinated effort from the start. We’ll guide you on how to best shape the debates that take place everywhere from the kitchen table to millions of mobile devices, all the way to the votes cast in state legislatures, Congress, and Parliaments. From Dallas to Dubai, LEVICK builds the narratives and public support that lawmakers cannot ignore.

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