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There’s No place to Hide

Today, just the threat of a government investigation or enforcement action can make for tremendously negative headlines. You need a response that will neutralize or ward off threats of criminal prosecution or expensive civil penalties. Having a sound communications protocol in the midst of a sensitive investigative crisis is essential to keeping your side of the story in the public sphere.

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Prepare for a judgment call.

As the investigation unfolds and the facts are brought to light, it’s important to have an answer for all of the tough questions. What will you do when the media calls? What’s the worst-and best-case scenario? Are you prepared for a leak? Adopting a proactive communications strategy to identify and respond to all potential outcomes will be necessary for survival.

From government investigations to white collar defense and settlement negotiations, LEVICK’s litigation team will develop a playbook, preparing you for all stages of enforcement actions and investigations. Represented public and private companies, boards and executives looking to limit exposure and reputational damage, the LEVICK team knows the next best steps to take in investigation scenarios.