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International Political Issues

More Businesses Face Collateral Damage from Political Fallout

From climate change and trade wars to immigration and the global economy, there’s no shortage of geopolitical issues to keep you up at night. Increased regulation, civil unrest and trade concerns complicate business strategy.

To be sure, penalties imposed by the US last year blacklisted companies and cost billions in tariffs. Brexit has pushed uncertainty to unprecedented levels. Millions of people participated in protests around the world to call for businesses and governments to take action on climate change, freedom of speech and democratic reforms.

Navigating political risk requires preparation, understanding the backstory and using intelligence to drive strategy. Who is funding the cause? Are there behind the scenes supporters? Is the counter-messaging on social media fueled by real people, bots or sovereign interests. Knowing the full story helps minimize risk and inform strategy.

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LEVICK helps international companies navigate sensitive, politically-charged chaos and litigation. We create best-in-class campaigns for clients around the world, providing customized research and the development of strategic alliances, surveys, risk assessments and due diligence reports with the goal to create an environment in which a positive outcome is possible.