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Class Action & Multi Jurisdictional

When workplace issues transform into class action threats

Labor and employment issues can be a challenge for any organization–and sometimes, they can erupt into an acute crisis. For companies doing business nationwide, an otherwise ordinary employee lawsuit may create a class action threat. Age, gender, and race are always sensitive and potentially contentious issues that can damage corporate reputations long after lawsuits are resolved. Collective bargaining and labor management relations are always a challenge before, during and after negotiations.

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Winning in court and the court of public opinion.

LEVICK’S litigation team has succeeded for clients in virtually every type of legal and reputational challenge. We have shielded executives from the spotlight during wrongful termination cases and spearheaded internal communications during massive layoffs. LEVICK’s strategy and execution helped avoid litigation in one of the ugliest racial incidents in recent workplace history. We debunked false charges leveled against a major healthcare system during a labor crisis. The list goes on.

Labor and employment issues cannot be resolved solely at the negotiating table or in courts of law. Every citizen has a stake in the outcome of these controversies and companies must craft their every word to effectively persuade this massive audience in the Court of Public Opinion. LEVICK’s labor and employment communications professionals stand ready to protect your company’s reputation against an onslaught of employment matters, as well as in human resources communication strategies.