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Litigation & Investigations

Make a positive outcome Achievable.

The Court of Public Opinion never sleeps. They’re watching—and listening, reacting and sharing—all the time. And they don’t care about courtroom rules or procedures; they want fast answers, calm assurances and complete clarity on where your business stands.

Say (and do) the right thing and your corporate reputation can be salvaged or even boosted. Make a misstep, however, and you’re effectively driving nails into the corporate coffin.

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Support for your legal strategy.

Complex litigation matters deserve multifaceted solutions, and LEVICK delivers a multi-pronged litigation communications approach. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, former Justice Department officials, national security professionals, trained investigators, news reporters, and communications experts are uniquely qualified to connect case facts with legal and policy arguments that inform and persuade all of your audiences—so that you can achieve your desired outcome.

For a successful outcome to be possible, you must first create an environment that supports the legal strategy. LEVICK makes it happen.

Because we speak the language of the law, the media and the beltway, LEVICK is able to hold meaningful conversations, assessing facts and developing a strategy to contain adversaries, inform audiences and frame the debate.

Working with your legal team, our bipartisan government relations specialists will use first-hand experience in the interplay of politics and policy-making to shepherd your case through the halls of power in your local area or the international arena.

Let's discuss your litigation situation and how we may be of assistance.