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Product Recall

Conducting a Recall is Only Half the Job.

While product recall events are a fact of life for today’s manufacturers and retailers, there’s no denying that their repercussions can have long-lasting effects on the brand and consumer confidence. Whether it’s tainted produce, a drug that harms instead of heals or a children’s toy that poses a safety hazard, no manufacturer is immune from the potential of a recall incident. Always-on social media, combined with heightened regulatory scrutiny, Congressional oversight and investigative news media make the stakes higher today than ever before.

More than a simple public relations play, recall communications requires a multifaceted strategy that considers the unique needs and concerns of each stakeholder group and devises a flawlessly executed action plan to reach them. Speaking in a single, consistent voice to all audiences is imperative to your ability to successfully navigate a product recall.

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200+ recalls under our belts.

Coming out of a product recall with your brand intact means much more than conducting a safe, orderly, precise recall. You must also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your top priority is protecting the public. And you’ve got to prove it in The Court of Public Opinion, as well as to regulators, lawmakers and plaintiffs’ attorneys.

LEVICK is one of the world’s most experienced recall communications firms in the field of managing recalls of food, drugs, consumer products, and medical devices. All told, our team members have managed more than 200 recalls, working closely with regulatory lawyers and logistics specialists.