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Customers and regulators are ready to Blame

No company, government or educational institution is immune to a security breach. And the entire world will be watching to see how you respond. With attacks and breaches happening on a daily basis, the wise time to start planning your response is now. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that a “we regret to inform you” email and stock press release will be good enough. Not if you want your brand to see another day once the digital smoke clears.

The question of a data loss in your organization is not if but when. In fact, recent research confirms “cyber attacks” have replaced “catastrophic incidents” at the top of risk managers’ lists of chief concerns in disaster modeling. Ransomware, HIPPA violations, hactivism and state-sponsored attacks are a modern-day reality, and preparedness is not optional.

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From problem to profit.

When adeptly handled , you can turn a cyber breach disaster into a business opportunity–and LEVICK knows how to make this happen. We’ve helped clients navigate some of the largest and most impactful breaches to date, playing a critical role in framing the story and creating opportunities where none existed. In fact, for one client, we transformed a cyber disaster into a profitable situation; stock value is twice what it was pre-breach and 10 times larger than it was in the immediate post-breach phase, and the company’s CEO is lauded as a security evangelist. There’s a reason we are the preferred cyber communications firm for so many insurance companies.

From the earliest indication of a breach to public disclosure to the reputational challenges that linger on afterward, LEVICK helps clients fulfill their compliance obligations under the law and restore trust with the audiences who matter most.