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Malfeasance/ #MeToo

When Silence isn’t Golden

The #MeToo Movement’s unapologetic call for accountability has changed the landscape of sexual misconduct and gender parity in the workplace. While protecting powerful executives and muting accusers through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) once served as the playbook for employers when malfeasance reared its ugly head, victims of harassment are now speaking out in record numbers.

Even the most conscientious employers are not immune. Hundreds of prominent men have lost their jobs in the fallout of public allegations. According to NPR, a survey by the nonprofit Stop Street Harassment found that 43 percent of men and 81 percent of women experienced some form of sexual harassment. The #MeToo hashtag has been used by millions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in more than 85 countries.

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No comment is not a viable response.

Is your company prepared to respond to decades-old allegations? In the wake of #MeToo, “no comment” is no longer an option. Given the speed of allegations going viral, it’s important to have a plan in place. LEVICK’s rapid response team is available 24/7 to handle sensitive issues, media interviews and misconduct allegations. We also provide support throughout all phases of the investigative and litigation process.