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Anti-Trust Matters

Public Opinion Impacts Legal Outcomes

Monopoly lawsuits. Accusations of price fixing. FTC investigations. Investigating Big Tech. Antitrust cases are often decided in the court of public opinion, where the public and marketplace’s opinion can have a huge impact on the path regulators and law enforcement decide to take. It’s about much more than what the law states and what the legal judgment is; it comes down to influencing the larger public conversation about what does and doesn’t help to serve a free, competitive environment.

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Drive the conversation.

Controlling the narrative online, where terms like “monopoly” or “price fixing” are thrown about by armchair “experts” is key in influencing the public discussion, because the regulators and law enforcement reviewing your company are part of that audience, too. To frame the discussion and drive the conversation, it’s imperative that you disseminate compelling, relevant messages as well as leveraging the power of allies and collaborators who can independently articulate why your corporate position is in the best interest of stakeholders and consumers.

In these bet-the-company actions, you need a proven partner by your side, ready to mount and win a multi-pronged counter-offensive against government overreach. LEVICK has operated in every aspect of the antitrust environment, at every tier of the antitrust arena. We work side-by-side with your legal counsel to create comprehensive communications, outreach and influence campaigns that maximize your case in court—or rally enough public support to assure the case never gets that far.