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Corporate Affairs

Get the Attention You Want.

From increasing market awareness to establishing thought leadership, your business has a literal vested interest in gaining the attention of the audiences you want while avoiding the harsh spotlight of unwanted scrutiny that comes from activists, regulators and the plaintiffs’ bar. And balancing those needs in a corporate communications strategy takes experience and savvy.

When the spotlight shines your way, what’s the best way to build and enhance your brand equity while simultaneously protecting it? How will you respond when consumers, customers or industry officials are asking tough questions?

How far would you go to protect your corporation’s most precious asset, its reputation? How far would you go to promote it?
Corporate Affairs

Escape the spotlight or move to the forefront of the debate.

Whether you want to step out of the spotlight or move to the forefront of the debate, frame the story and become the de facto industry expert, LEVICK can help. Speaking to specific stakeholders and mass audiences, we communicate as narrowly or broadly as necessary to support your corporate affairs goals.

In the midst of controversy or in the calm of everyday business, LEVICK is poised to help your corporation communicate effectively with the stakeholders that matter to your business. Our extensive corporate affairs experience means that we can confidently predict what will (and should) happen next in the situation, providing strategic guidance and unparalleled execution.

Learn more about our Corporate Affairs practice and tell us how we may help your business.