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Visionary Jay Edelson, Founder & CEO of Edelson P.C. On How To Dramatically Increase Plaintiff Claim Rates

One would think that the plaintiffs bar would want to dramatically increase its claim rates for its class action clients, but all too often claim rates hover around 1% meaning that the plaintiffs, who have already been harmed once, have been harmed a second time, in the recovery process, subverting justice and reducing our faith in the judicial system. Along comes Jay Edelson, founder & CEO of Chicago-based Edelson P.C. , who’s firm is leading the way with innovations such as simple, 45 second claim forms, apps and electronic and app payments which are causing claim rates to soar to 22% and more. And it is only just the beginning. Jay speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about how he got started, how the firm has been positioned and their rap videos which are garnering 100,000 views. Sing along and enjoy the show. Listen here