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Ukraine: Lessons Not Being Learned with Dr. James Dorsey, Award-Winning Journalist and Scholar

Dr. James Dorsey, an award-winning journalist and Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore’s Middle East Institute and Adjunct Senior Fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK on his latest article, Ukraine: Lessons Not Being Learned. James argues that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the international condemnation it generated contains key lessons for policymakers, lessons that should have been learned in past global crises but weren’t. He focuses on the importance of countries standing up to violations of international law as they occur, a greater focus on human rights and immigration. James, who has covered the wars in the region over the past several decades, argues that Mr. Putin began the recreation of his Russian world in 2008 when he recognized the two Georgian breakaway republics of Abkhazia and North Ossetia and that he was emboldened by a lack of unified international condemnation. Listen here