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Is The U.S. Supreme Court the New Bastille With Christine Adams, A Professor At St. Mary’s College

Christine Adams, who has taught at St. Mary’s College for 30 years and published extensively on French family and gender history and on current events with a particular interest in the politics of gender and reproductive rights, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK. She compares the nearly 100 years of unsettled French governments more than a century ago to the current divisiveness in America and the transformation of American democratic institutions into authoritarian ones, including increasingly the Supreme Court. Professor Adams wrote, “Apparently beyond the reach of Congress, the executive branch, and a majority of the voters, the United States is governed now to an alarming degree by six unelected Supreme Court justices with lifetime tenure who have arrogated to themselves the power to make and break laws with impunity… surely, Chief Justice John Marshall, who authored Marbury v. Madison, did not envision the Supreme Court imposing its will as modern courts have.” Listen here