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When Failure Is Not An Option With Matthew Svalina, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus, Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute

Matthew Svalina, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus and a co-founder of Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute, discusses his unique career path with host Richard Levick of LEVICK. Matthew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Illinois in 2007, then earned a paramedic license through Malcolm X College in Chicago, where he completed his field internship with the Chicago Fire Department on ambulances serving the south side of Chicago, providing paramedic services in one of the most challenging places in America. Matthew is currently finishing his MD-PhD degree from the University of Colorado-Denver. He discusses the personal challenges of choosing this career and the remarkable rewards. The FDA approves on average 12 drugs every year to treat adult cancer, but has only approved 10 drugs to treat childhood cancer since 1978 (10 in 44 years for kids). Since their inception in 2015, cc-TDI has pushed two drugs into three clinical trials to treat childhood cancer. Listen here