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Legends of the Legal Industry, Honoring Bill Flannery, Former President of the WJF Institute

Over the past 40 years, the legal industry has been revolutionized, with a large law firm now being defined no longer by dozens of partners but by hundreds and, in many cases, thousands; with revenue shooting past $4 billion per year and no end in sight. There are a handful of people who were present for the law firm “Big Bang” and who helped to shape and steer it to its remarkable present. Bill Flannery is in that rarified pantheon. He joined host Richard Levick on In House Warrior to discuss how he developed and executed sales training for lawyers and graduated more than 16,000 of them from the WJF Institute. He taught them first how to be better listeners and ask prospects critical questions, rather than tell them about how great their firms are, so that they could uncover legal needs and build client-counsel partnerships that lasted lifetimes, rather than be transactional. One never forgets a meeting with Bill Flannery. Listen here