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It Was All a Lie – How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump: Stuart Stevens, Republican political operative

Life-long GOP campaign operative Stuart Stevens, considered the most successful Republican political operative of his generation, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK in a deeply moving and emotionally raw show on the transition of the great political party he loved, which has turned its principles into empty and instantly exchangeable marketing slogans. He served on five GOP presidential campaigns Including both Bush’s, Bob Dole and Mitt Romney and countless gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns.

Stuart was a founding partner in Strategic Partners & Media and stepped down from the company in April 2019. He is currently an advisor to the Lincoln Project and is working on his next novel. He is the author of eight books. It Was All a Lie is not just an indictment of the Republican Party, but a candid and often lacerating mea culpa. Listen here