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How Look Magazine Helped Define Mid-Twentieth-Century America with journalist and author Andrew Yarrow

How Look Magazine Helped Define Mid-Twentieth-Century America: Andrew Yarrow, former New York Times journalist, frequent guest op-ed writer and author of six books, including his just released Look: How a Highly Influential Magazine Helped Define Mid-Twentieth-Century America, joins host Richard Levick to talk about how issues such as civil rights, school integration, gay marriage, the Black Panthers and more were positively and significantly impacted by an all but forgotten magazine, which at its peak, was read by 35 million Americans – one in eight — every fortnight. There is no media today, with the possible exception of Facebook and Google, with the singular power of Look and its quintessential photos and feature story journalism. In a recent Op-Ed in The Washington Post Andrew wrote on the compelling story behind the story: Why Norman Rockwell Left Thanksgiving Americana Behind. Listen here