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From Russia with Monopolies: Garphil Julien, Research Associate at the Open Markets Institute

Garphil Julien, a Research Associate at the Open Markets Institute, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about his recent article in The Washington Monthly, From Russia, With Monopolies, on the supply chain impacts that will reverberate on the West and Europe as a result of sanctions on Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. While severe sanctions appear to be working, Russia will retaliate in areas where they have near global monopolies including in energy, especially natural gas and with the raw materials for the global fertilizer market. This will in turn dramatically inflate the price of energy and food. Will Americans and Europeans, who are applauding the bloodless weapons the U.S., NATO and other countries are using, be patient and understanding enough when food and energy prices become volatile and green energy – at least for a period of time – become luxuries? Listen here