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Dezinformatsiya – A Turning Point In The Disinformation War With Paul Holmes, Founder & Chair of PRovoke Media

Paul Holmes, Founder & Chair of PRovoke Media, who has been writing about public relations for more than 25 years, joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss his remarkable analysis, just published by Provoke, A Turning Point In The Disinformation War? Paul discusses how the Russians built a disinformation campaign going back over 30 years, perfected it in countries such as Estonia, Georgia and Lithuania and then escalated it, significantly influencing the outcomes of Brexit in the U.K. and the 2016 U.S. presidential election, leaving chaos in its wake. While the Brits and Americans were distracted by kompromat and whether the Mueller Report would show dispositive proof of collusion, the Russians had already successfully launched a disinformation war to split both countries. He delves deeply into how the Biden Administration and U.S. intelligence helped hinder President Putin’s disinformation efforts and even the invasion itself through aggressive and real time sunlight while NATO reorganized to a level of unanimity and strength not seen in years. Listen here