Fixing the ImpossiBle
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The Complicated World of Data Privacy and Why It Matters with Dan Frechtling, CEO of Boltive

Dan Frechtling, CEO of Boltive, which secures advertisers and publishers against invasive media speaks with Richard Levick of LEVICK. The digital ad ecosystem is baffling and convoluted. Marketers and brands trying to reach their audiences are faced with making sense of a confusing landscape. Technical complexity creates openings for data leakage and privacy compliance problems caused by interventions of bad actors and honest mistakes of well-meaning partners. In a new privacy-oriented world, data sharing can create liability more often than data theft does. Every day consumers choose to accept or reject cookies on websites. But for “opt-outs” and “opt-ins” to work, the plumbing of the internet must work. Most people are unaware that the actual plumbing is broken and 20% or more of consent declarations are null and lost. Dan discusses tips to keep your brand and your customers secure; what the future holds for data privacy and much more. Listen here