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Cybersecurity is No Longer Just an IT Issue: Peter Halprin, partner at Pasich LLP

Peter Halprin, a partner in Pasich LLP’s New York office and a faculty member with the Global Cyber Institute, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about the proliferation of cyber and ransomware attacks and how in-house legal departments are taking on a larger role in cybersecurity efforts. General counsels need to ask themselves critical questions including how are we protecting the company; what do we do if we’re hacked and how are we going to pay for this? Among other issues, Peter discusses why in-house counsel should treat attacks as inevitabilities, the criticality of incident response planning, how companies may be able to find coverage under other policies for cyberattacks, how cyber insurance can provide breach response support and balance-sheet protection against cyber risks and much more. Listen here