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A View of Antitrust with the FTC’s Former Director of Competition, Bruce Hoffman

Bruce Hoffman, a partner at Cleary Gottlieb and the former Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition, joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss the world of antitrust. He shares his views on how businesses should think about antitrust, with Lina Khan leading the FTC and Jonathan Kanter at the helm of the DOJ; provides an overview of state and federal antitrust reform legislation proposals; and addresses the question posed by some critics, that antitrust enforcement needs to be radically changed due to U.S. market concentration. Among other responsibilities, Bruce spearheaded the creation of the Bureau of Competition’s Technology Task Force (now known as the Technology Enforcement Division) to monitor competition in U.S. technology markets, investigate potential anticompetitive conduct in those markets and take enforcement actions when warranted. Listen here