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White Collar

It Can Happen to You.

Want to invite white-collar disaster? Adopt an attitude of “it can’t happen here.” Public trust of companies and corporate leaders is at an all-time low, and the headlines are filled with stories of insider trading, fraud, Ponzi schemes and FCPA violations. Today, it’s harder than ever to discern between the crimes of a renegade individual and a corporate entity’s negligence or complicity. And public perception has a direct influence on a number of things, including prosecutorial decisions, stock prices, rating agency reviews, employee morale and even potential activist investors.

Stop playing Defense.

Are you personally under the microscope in a high-profile civil or criminal matter? LEVICK can help you stop playing defense, driving a positive narrative and telling the story you want to be told. Or if a rogue employee is endangering your company’s reputation, we’ll work with you to serve your company’s best interests and preserve your business reputation. LEVICK works seamlessly with legal counsel, auditors, and others to ensure your story rises above the noise. And we work closely with Boards of Directors to ensure that they seize the opportunity to communicate in times of crisis, focusing on an enterprise-wide solution.