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Trade Associations

Herding the Cats.

Trade associations regularly face similar communications challenges regardless of the industries represented. Boards and other leadership is often made up of competitors in the same industry, setting the table for awkward situations where the interests of one member could conflict with others.

Additionally, the problems or crisis of a single company (inside or outside the association) can have devastating repercussions for the entire industry. And in situations like these where multiple companies are affected by the same problem, the best approach is often a single source of consistent, persuasive messaging and communication. However, getting that buy-in from various stakeholders is easier said than done.

Trade associations and groups are also often on the front lines of brand-building, reputation management, and fighting the public policy battles that can alter the direction of entire industries. When funded by these same industries, these genuine motivations can often be suspect.

A Unified Voice for Success.

A trade association is a natural venue for cost-effective, consistent crisis counsel, planning and training, using the unity of your organization to create strength in the marketplace. However, communicating these benefits to members while simultaneously going to bat for the industry publically needs a strong strategic communications strategy. LEVICK counselors are able to help stakeholders get on the same page and help everyone strategically advance a narrative that benefits all involved.

At LEVICK, we understand that in times of calm and in times of crisis, a unified voice is essential for success—communicating the benefits of your association industry to outside stakeholders and to members too.