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Sports And Entertainment

Satiating the public’s appetite.

Providing real-time intelligence during one World Cup and protecting another from hostile criticism. Representing a professional sports team on their contested broadcast rights and marketing new sports franchises. Defending professional athletes at their most challenging times.

The entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing in the nation. From movies to television to stadiums, smartphones and tablets, consumers here and across the globe have a voracious appetite for being amused, delighted or educated—they simply want to be part of the experience. The sports industry enjoys similar popularity, with online experiences giving fans new ways to interact with their favorite franchise, not the least of which is legalized gambling.

Like any business, sports and entertainment companies are not immune to the litany of decisions and issues that happen behind-the-scenes. And now, they are on the front lines of a politically divided nation. Advertising and marketing decisions, contract negotiations, licensing issues, likeness rights battles, labor actions, player safety litigation, intellectual property disputes, the politicalization of sports and countless other controversies can disrupt business and threaten reputations. Social media has created opportunities (and pitfalls) for celebrities, teams and top athletes to make or break their careers.

Battle-tested and ready.

Sports and entertainment businesses and high-profile individuals must have trusted advisors capable of preparing you prior to a scandal and ready to guide you through the crucible of public trials, congressional hearings and insatiable media interest. LEVICK’s team understands that it isn’t just individual careers at risk; few industries face a more aggressive, inquiring public, and few have more to lose when crises are handled ineffectively. Our team is battle-tested and ready to go-to-bat for the full array of sports and entertainment individuals and entities.

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