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Schools and Universities

In loco parentis.

Institutions of learning at all levels are threatened by a variety of simmering issues—accusations of sexual harassment, bullying, cheating and bribery to NCAA oversight, violence and even rape. The tragic, remarkable and spiraling missteps at Penn State, Maryland and Michigan State teach valuable lessons about the insulation and blindness of some of even the greatest educational institutions. Add to that the culture of fear where sales of bulletproof backpacks surge as the nation deals with a veritable onslaught of school shootings. Anxiety among parents, administrators, and officials is forcing universities, high schools and even elementary and pre-schools to plan for this new reality.

Communicating the value of the education a school provides while simultaneously highlighting the institution’s commitment to student safety is the new normal. Working in partnership with hundreds of educational institutions, LEVICK has proven that the right preparation, strategy, messages and execution provides opportunities to enhance reputation, while a single misstep can destroy the entire brand-building journey, or worse, lead to tragedy.

The Unfortunate New Reality.

With budgets under the microscope, new competition from online, increased transparency, the pool of donors shrinking and a heightened sense of responsibility, charter and for-profit institutions can ill afford significant communications mistakes—or even the appearance of a misstep. LEVICK’s team, veterans of the most difficult and high profile educational institution crises, protects institutions under the direst of circumstances and speaks truth to power. We provide step-by-step planning and guidance to ensure optimal readiness for human-made or natural disasters and guide you on the next best step to take to weather any crisis situation.

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