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Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

The public and plaintiffs' lawyers are watching.

To navigate the complex marketplace, crisis management must be in the DNA of pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies. Do you know how to map the code? It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is a playground for plaintiffs and lawyers and a breeding ground for multi-district litigation. Medical device companies are similarly at risk, facing lawsuits that compensate in severity what they might lack in volume.

It doesn’t stop there. Pharmaceutical and medical device challenges often go beyond litigation, with strict regulatory oversight from state, federal and international agencies. Product recalls, product tampering and manufacturing disruptions are all threats to pharma reputations. With multiple stakeholder audiences — from consumers to regulators to NGOs — crafting the right message is vital. Public scrutiny about everything from drug approval processes to medication pricing and supply challenges create a powder keg, with a single incident often the trigger for an unwanted explosion.

Uncertainty in the insurance industry and political posturing about Medicare, Medicaid and Big Pharma create a precarious situation that must be navigated nimbly and responsibly.

Quell concerns and rebuild trust.

As usual, the best defense is a good offense and that’s why some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers choose to work with LEVICK. We help manage ongoing exposure and current lawsuits, mapping out communications plans both in-the-moment and in advance to blunt the crisis. From melamine contamination in infant formula to clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease drugs, LEVICK’s experts have helped companies deploy and deliver messages that quell concerns and rebuild trust.

As a proud member of the Consumer Health Care Products Association, LEVICK assists CHPA members with their communications needs, including crisis communications planning and execution, issues management and media relations.

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