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Contentious Issues at Stake.

If you have employees, you have the potential of facing labor and employment issues. Crises can erupt where you least expect them—an ordinary employee lawsuit may lead to a class action threat, and just the perception of discrimination due to age, race or gender is enough to damage your corporate reputation, even if a lawsuit is resolved in your favor. Labor-management relations and collective bargaining have their own specific challenges that occur before, during and after everyone sits down at the table to negotiate.

Strategies That Solve the Problem.

The reality is that today’s labor and employment issues aren’t resolved solely at the negotiating table or in courts of law; when the (global) public has an interest and a stake in the outcomes of these controversies, companies must ensure that their messages will resonate and travel in the Court-of-Public-Opinion.

Whether it’s a reputational challenge or a legal challenge, LEVICK stands ready to help you make your best next steps. Not only have we shielded executives from the spotlight during wrongful termination cases, but we have also spearheaded internal communications during massive layoffs and implemented strategies that helped one company avoid litigation in one of the ugliest racial incidents in recent workplace history. And the list goes on.