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Ensure your brand and secure your company’s future.

The contentious business environment provides a number of challenges for insurance companies and their clients. Plaintiffs’ lawyers and local officials take self-interested positions. Painfully complex civil litigation like that which happened after Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 are on the rise. The politics of Obamacare and Trumpcare create an ever-shifting landscape, creating compliance and communication issues for health insurers.

Grappling with multifaceted issues, insurance companies are always in the public and media spotlight—and the way you handle or respond to those issues will determine your company’s future. To succeed, you must develop a comprehensive, practical communications strategy as your own insurance against events that can impact your brand.

The Preferred Provider.

Comprised of corporate, insurance, financial and trade association industry veterans, LEVICK’s insurance team has provided guidance to insurance companies in court and in the Court of Public Opinion. Designated as a crisis communications preferred provider by more than a dozen insurance carriers, LEVICK works hand-in-hand with policyholders’ outside counsel during active response and the ensuing reputation management phase. We have proven experience creating and implementing communications strategies that have helped reduce legal settlements across all industries, often by tens of millions of dollars.