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Government Investigations & Regulatory Oversight

Fight Back, Cooperate or Find Middle Ground?

In the midst of a regulator or congressional investigation, there comes a strategic point at which your company must decide: Do you fight back, cooperate or attempt to find middle ground? Once you determine that strategy you can begin the task of tackling the daunting challenges that follow.

When the government serves a threat or issues a subpoena, you need to know that you have good counsel on your side—counsel that works seamlessly with your legal and government affairs teams to influence the conversation and regain public trust. Regardless of the outcome, your goals should be to put in place strong protection and then return to business-as-usual as quickly possible.

A Multi-Front Battle.

The LEVICK team understands that a winning strategy must battle on a number of fronts. We calibrate public and media engagement, enlist the support of investors and other stakeholders and get key parties prepped to appear in front of Congress, at public events and in other high-profile venues.

Unafraid to challenge the big guys, LEVICK aggressively fought on behalf of our client when the Department of Justice issued its largest fines in history, when the EU went on the attack or when AIG was temporarily taken over by the US Government. In the midst of public cries for punitive action, we have helped clients reach mutually acceptable agreements on the international, national and state levels with some of the toughest state Attorneys General in the country. We don’t stand down from a fight.

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