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The Smartest Strategies get Derailed.

In today’s hyper-connected world, utilities are under increased pressure and scrutiny. Shareholders, ratepayers, politicians and environmental activists often create turbulence for services where reliability is critical for commerce. Competition for infrastructure investment, renewable energy and a focus on being “green” permeating everything we do creates clutter for even the clearest messages to break through. For utility companies and others in the energy industry, there’s no such thing as “business as usual.” A new energy future has dawned.

Whether you’re an upstream producer, an energy services supplier, a solar or wind operator or provide transportation and distribution, your business is at risk. Even with the smartest business strategies, things like activists, cyber breaches, major incidents or changes or delays in regulatory approvals can derail your activities. Plan on “flying below the radar”? Think again. Deciding to “weather the storm” is a recipe for watching your customers, investors and reputations disappear.

Influence Opinion and Spur Action.

To successfully navigate any precarious situation, every industry business must build a true connection to their community, delivering messages that illustrate transparency, responsibility and a commitment to safety. From winning ballot initiatives to securing government approvals and engaging emerging markets, LEVICK understands what it takes to influence opinion and inspire action.

LEVICK’s experts guide clients in shareholder and consumer engagement, focusing on conversations that emphasize value. We help clients develop the actionable business intelligence necessary to minimize risk in compliance, transactional or operational situations. We negate the power of an increasingly critical online narrative by creating collaborations and building a digital presence that leads the dialogue.

Whether you need business intelligence or want to mobilize a response to a crisis, LEVICK stands ready to help. Contact us today.

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