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Employee Misconduct

The Appearance of A Bad
Apple Can Spoil the Bunch.

From the Catholic Church to Penn State, today’s new reality means that religious institutions, high schools and colleges, law firms and just about any organization face the possibility of employee misconduct and even horrific allegations of abuse. Understandably, public ire is significantly inflamed when the misconduct involves children and/or sexual abuse. Employee misconduct can and does take various forms—not just allegations of inappropriate conduct but also gambling, violence and narcotics.

In situations like these, where an employee’s actions go against everything your organization stands for, you must take steps to defend the decency and integrity of your own organization while being sensitive to the due process rights of the accused, the community and the larger, sometimes national conversation. No organization wants to deal with these sensitive subjects, but it’s imperative that you handle the situation with care to protect victims and reputations.

Mitigate the impact on your reputation.

LEVICK has handled hundreds of these matters from the Catholic Church to law firms to schools and colleges; from the global. high-profile, multiple-news-cycles-a-day matters to your local community school. We have extensive behind-the-scenes experience in mitigating the impact of abusive behavior by employees on our clients’ reputations. The goal is to balance privacy with maximum transparency to convince all critical stakeholders that everything that can be done is being done to confront the truth and support the injured while protecting the institution.