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Emerging Brands

Emerging Brands: From A, B, C to IPO.

Great ideas require nurturing, and so do great young brands. Each stage of company development focuses on different objectives, and achieving each milestone demands different communications tactics. To earn continued investment, brands must convey their opportunity (Series A), differentiation (Series B), momentum (Series C) and success (IPO) to every audience that matters along the way. LEVICK helps brands enunciate their vision, prove their value and re-define their markets.

“If you’ve always done it that way, it’s probably wrong.”

Disruption Requires Courage.

When emerging companies answer the key question, “why does your brand need to exist?” they must face the notion that their very purpose is to displace others. Innovators are immediate adversaries of the status quo, which must be constantly challenged yet is always well-protected by incumbents.

Too often, startups and fast-growth companies avoid this difficult reality – the confrontational nature of innovation – and in doing so, fail the first test for disruptors. Those who realize the gravity of their mission from the beginning – to positively change their industries and quite often, how we live – are the ones that gather the resolve to communicate most courageously. These are the clients LEVICK counsels.

Even as automation, artificial intelligence and biotechnology advances enable businesses and our society to achieve new frontiers, they raise fresh challenges that complicate conversations and draw aggression from vested interests from all quarters. Innovators need a communications partner that is both technically fluent and ready for the boldest stances within the most complex public dialogues. Even the most gifted entrepreneurs who fail to address important questions around data security, privacy and equity are destined for crisis and even failure.

LEVICK’s professionals have prepared some of the world’s most successful start-ups, for their ascents as they revolutionize their industries, from cybersecurity to healthcare to manufacturing. From the angel investor stage through IPOs with market caps in the billions, the brands that choose LEVICK recognize the need for an independent agency with the courage to take on the most competitive markets and the biggest brands.

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