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Your industry in the Crosshairs.

A billion-dollar defense contractor exposed and heavily criticized on 60 Minutes followed instantly by contracting officer inquiries and congressional investigations. A senior military official going before Congress suddenly engendering public subordinate criticism. One of the world’s largest aerospace contractors under attack from multiple audiences. A foreign defense contractor trying to show its American-supporting activities when the home country is viewed critically. Defense contractors and military officials have unique communications challenges.

In today’s highly polarized political environment, the defense industry is at the forefront of heated national conversations. Officials delight in exploiting perceived political advantages while risking strategic benefits due to shrinking budgets and scarce resources. For contractors, the procurement process has become more uncertain in an ever-changing political and economic environment.

Strategic Communications

Defense contractors and military officials require unique and critical communications assistance. Specialized skills, including navigating the hallowed halls of the Pentagon, accessing Congressional politicians and their staffs and rapidly deploying supportive voices that impact positive changes to the narrative, improving perceptions and echoing messages reaching multiple stakeholders. An influential politician deciding to withhold comment at a critical moment is one of the most powerful moments of silence in Washington.

LEVICK’s experts have been recruited from nearly every sector of government. We know what it takes to aggressively and effectively persuade elected officials and public audiences of the value and integrity of top contractors and manufacturers, both US-based and foreign companies. We deliver compelling messages that focus on the industry’s support of American core values and your role in safeguarding our mission and our citizens.

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