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Cyber Security

Immunity is not an Option.

Cyber breaches are a real risk to governments, organizations, companies and universities, with the latest breach making the nightly news. From the earliest indication of a breach to public disclosure and the reputational challenges that linger on afterward, the way you handle the situation will have a huge impact on your future and your ability to restore trust with regulators, shareholders and customers. No matter how hard you try, your business can never be fully immune from system breaches caused by malware, criminals, ransomware attacks or hackers. The time to start planning how you will respond is before it ever happens.

Turn Disaster into Opportunity.

An industry leader in handling security issues that alarm customers, shareholders, boards of directors and attorneys general, LEVICK has played a critical role in some of the largest and most impactful breaches ever, including one of the first significant breaches involving Heartland Payment Systems, which today is lauded as the gold standard in breach response. We are the preferred cyber communications firm by many of world’s leading insurance companies and partner with the top cyber law firms.

In real-world situations like these, LEVICK has refined our approach to data loss and theft, HIPAA violations, hacktivism and state-sponsored attacks against companies and institutions. Let us put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Case Study
After A Mega Data Breach, Monumental Leadership