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Professional Services

Jurisdictional Reputation

Marketplace perceptions of professional service firms are often directly tied to perceptions of the venues in which they operate and seldom more so than when the venue has been labeled a tax haven.


When the Cayman Islands-based law firm Walkers decided to launch its first-ever strategic communications campaign, one corollary objective was to improve perceptions of offshore finance in global economic markets and to counter perceptions of offshore jurisdictions as havens for money laundering and tax dodging. We needed to change the conversation to stress how well-regulated these jurisdictions are and how they enable the global economy.


The strategy was to focus on larger trends in global finance, the growth of developing economies and how offshore finance structures and hedge funds help companies and taxpayers. We accomplished this by positioning the Walkers attorneys and others as third-party experts to help explain some of the types of complex financial structures and transactions they were helping to structure.


A torrent of positive media attention ensued, persuasive enough to merit PR News Legal PR Award for Marketing Communications.