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God & Guns: A Dangerous Mix For One Defense Contractor

As the primary provider of optical rifle sights for the US Army and Marine Corps, Trijicon Inc. was caught in a media firestorm when ABC News broke a story that tens of thousands of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were fighting with weapons inscribed with “secret Jesus” Bible codes of religious scriptures.


The political and ethnoreligious issues involved had the potential to complicate already tense relations between the US and its Arab allies. Even President George W. Bush had to step in several times to famously say the war in Iraq is “Not a religious war.” To preserve its reputation and protect its very existence, Trijicon had to change the narrative and quickly make decisions as senatorial allies made it clear they would call hearings within hours with all of their contracts on the line.


With over $1 billion and hundreds of jobs at stake, LEVICK gained critical intelligence from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill which directed the surgical strike. LEVICK designed the compromise “allowing soldiers to make the change in the field within seconds cheaply and easily without risk“ to satisfy all sides of this incendiary crisis, including key Department of Defense personnel and elected officials.


By moving quickly, the company was able to articulate its own solution, save its billion-dollar contract and the company. Arab allies quickly moved on and Pentagon and Hill allies stayed as allies rather than become their most powerful critics. Mission accomplished.