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Fighting Xenophobia With A Healthy Dose of Community Activism

As prices at the pump remain volatile, public distrust of “Big Oil” only increases. Meanwhile, disasters like the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon have focused additional hostility on companies all too readily perceived negatively.


An international energy company faced these and additional significant pressures in the Court of Public Opinion as its corporate reputation and image in the United States were assailed for a variety of extraneous and sensitive political issues. A barrage of negative stories in the traditional and online media created an environment where everything positive was drowned out.


Yet the company has a great story to tell about its operations, people and dedicated community programs. Leveraging all the positive resources at our disposal, LEVICK executed a comprehensive reputation management program that features a rich variety of community and philanthropic events. The program was aligned with, and decisively supported by, the company’s robust digital and social media interaction and paid advertising.


LEVICK’s initiative continues to cut through the negative media coverage and populate the media with positive messages and themes. Today, the narrative has shifted dramatically, empowering the company to further enhance its corporate reputation and continually attract new business.