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CITGO: National Corporate Branding & Social Responsibility Program

CITGO selected LEVICK as its agency of record nearly a decade ago to create, implement and manage a national corporate branding program, with a focus on social responsibility and philanthropy, which reaches from its headquarters in Houston to each and every one of the locally owned CITGO stations spread across 27 states and the District of Columbia.


LEVICK was selected to pivot the national conversation about CITGO away from geopolitical concerns that previously dominated any discussion of CITGO to the company’s longtime emphasis on the economic and philanthropic contributions it makes in each of the communities in which it operates.


LEVICK worked with CITGO to create an in-depth, national messaging program for the entire company that focuses on the locally-owned nature of all CITGO stations, the company’s commitment to philanthropy in its operational footprint and its creation of several national and regional corporate social responsibility programs. LEVICK served as the strategic communications counsel not only to the corporate entity but to every CITGO Marketer and Retailer across 27 states and the District, creating content for media stories and helping to plan outreach strategies around national and local events.


CITGO is now nationally recognized for devoting a percentage of its revenue to social responsibility programs five times higher than that of its larger, vertically-integrated competitors. Equally as important, CITGO is also known for its network of locally-owned and operated stations and the good they do for their own communities more so than for its corporate ownership or politics.