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Emerging Brand

Building The Brand

In the hyper-competitive pharmaceutical market, great products, great services and even great bottom-line results aren’t always enough to build a lasting brand. The most innovative companies in the industry must often take extra steps.


QIAGEN, a billion-dollar global company that provides sample and assay technologies used in medical practice, as well as biological and pharmaceutical research and development, was well-known and extremely respected by scientists around the world. But the company faced a broader challenge to also raise its profile in the US market, especially with business media and investors.


LEVICK launched a comprehensive communications and government relations program that leveraged current news topics, such as HPV testing. Even pop culture provided grist for the mill since QIAGEN equipment often appears on television programs like CSI.


The aggressive initiative reinvigorated the company’s public presence and reinforced the quality and breadth of its products while helping pave the way for a comprehensive restructuring program focused on high-growth areas.