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Diversity and Inclusion

A Sovereign Nation

Economic adversity often drives public officials to seek new revenue sources by breaking long-held agreements and violating well-established rights. The Seneca Nation has refused to be such a victim.


For decades, the Seneca Nation of Indians has been locked in legislative, legal and public relations battles with New York state officials whose policies threatened the nation’s sovereignty and economic rights.


A strategy was developed to turn opinion against the state’s maneuverings to levy illegal taxes. A critical statewide television advertising campaign highlighted this illegality while also focusing on the Nation’s vital contributions to the New York economy. This advertising blitz complemented a digital and YouTube campaign to put a human face on the Seneca’s challenges and underscore their many contributions to the United States, including the long record of military service by Native Americans.


The Nation’s government affairs team reported that the campaign was duly noted by members of the legislature and the executive branch, paving the way for more substantive and fruitful discussions with high-level officials.