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A Chaotic Horizon.

The business community can no longer expect coherence from policy-makers and regulators when it comes to antitrust enforcement. Political allegiances are so jumbled, the impacts of populism so frenetic, that companies must now be prepared to position and reposition themselves based upon sudden and increasingly unpredictable government actions and pronouncements. They must be prepared to articulate their positions persuasively enough to rally support in the marketplace and thereby maximize opportunities to influence increasingly capricious regulators.

Navigating an Unpredictable Climate.

Operating at every tier of the antitrust arena, LEVICK has fought and won bet-the-company battles, mounting trenchant counter-offensives against government overreaching. In an environment where corporate growth can ignite immediate public distrust, we help you seize control of the narrative and deflate the mounting outcry.

Our intelligence and early warning capabilities advise of challenges long before they become social movements. LEVICK rallies powerful allies who can articulate why your position is in the best interests of consumers and key stakeholders. We disseminate compelling messages directly to regulators, consumers and investors. We work with your lobbyists and legal counsel to support your case in court and congress.