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Unprecedented Enforcement Actions.

Today’s multinational corporations are facing both cutthroat competition and unprecedented anti-corruption enforcement challenges. Enforcement is at an all-time high, with civil and criminal actions increasing exponentially. Monetary penalties are now regularly in the millions and have surpassed well over a billion dollars. Corporate executives are being targeted and serving time in jail. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is just one area of exposure, with more than 40 other countries enforcing similar laws. Multilateral Development Banks have begun enforcement as well. Corruption is increasingly defined as what used to pass for normal business activity and liability now includes the supply chain and what senior executives “should have known.”

Unparalleled Resources and Expertise.

FCPA and related allegations require a very specialized media expertise, one sensitive to how the regulators interpret public communications and yet at the same time, understanding of how to effectively communicate with key foreign audiences. There are few if any communications firms in the world so deeply embedded in the international anti-corruption community and understanding of how to navigate these challenging issues. From the international anti-corruption training enterprise embedded in our Washington, DC office to our strategic relationships with the World Economic Forum and Big Four accounting firms anti-corruption initiatives, LEVICK knows who to speak with and how to navigate anti-corruption challenges.