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Your Company’s Surprising Supply Chain Exposure on Huawei

Huawei, the Chinese corporate behemoth whose tentacles reach around the globe, continues to draw the Trump Administration’s ire. Although its efforts to punish Huawei have, like the rest of its trade policy toward China, been described by critics as erratic and hard to pin down, the Administration is sticking to its blacklist against companies and their subsidiaries doing business with Huawei

What it all means is that if your company’s supply chain is doing business with Huawei or a Huawei affiliate — and there is a much better chance of yes than no if you work in any field related to technology — you could be subject to the blacklist even if your company is Huawei-free.

No one knows how the trade war against China and Huawei is going to turn out. As I outlined in my latest Forbes column, companies need to stay on top of the machinations, do some serious internal inventorying, and prepare for a wide range of scenarios.

These aren’t easy times for anyone.

Read: Your Company’s Surprising Supply Chain Exposure on Huawei

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