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Must-Read: Keeping Predators Out of the Corner Office

This “Must-Read” is required reading for public relations professionals, lawyers, HR directors and managers, and every member of the c-suite. Leading global investigations firm Nardello & Co. provides invaluable insight into how companies, now more than ever, should be considering thorough sexual misconduct research into prospective new hires, especially at senior level positions. This critical, and timely, research is so important to the industry that it has been deemed by LEVICK as our Essential Read of the Week:

Not every noxious cloud has a silver lining, but the recent rash of sexual misconduct allegations and scandals, catalyzed by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein, has had several. In addition to exposing and hopefully uprooting a culture of silence, it has encouraged corporations to affirmatively vet candidates for senior roles to ensure that they aren’t hiring predators.

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