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LEVICK In the News: Chipotle

Richard Levick Talks Chipotle on Reuters TV

Recently, Richard Levick was a guest on Reuters TV to talk about Chipotle’s rebranding efforts, and how the company can move forward after a series of disease outbreaks in its stores.

Chipotle released an animated video to remind customers of its fresh ingredients and high quality as a step to regain the trust and loyalty of its customers. Levick commended Chipotle for the video, saying that the video will help lure back customers.

Chipotle’s video aligns with its rebranding theme of returning to their roots. The video matches the theme and messages that have been consistently spotlighted in past videos.

Since another aspect of Chipotle’s “roots” includes quality, Chipotle had to prove that there is a way to keep customers safe, while continuing to serve fresh and local ingredients. The video, Levick feels, did an excellent job at illustrating the paradox that exists between quality and safety.

 It is safe to say that Chipotle is ready to reemerge, and with a new rewards and a promotional program implemented for their loyal customers, Chipotle’s future looks bright indeed.

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