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Global Cyber Security Summit

October 31-November 1st, 2016. Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, Rome, Italy

Connect with today’s thought leaders from cyber defense and multinational companies to share their latest perspectives on how to build an up-to-the-moment resilience strategy. 

Roughly, 125 information security, legal, governance, risk, and audit/compliance experts will discuss emerging innovations in building holistic cyber defense systems, including:

  • Insights on how to manage the complexities of regulation in multiple jurisdictions
  • How to integrate nascent technologies
  • Best practices in mitigating loss driven by the human factor
  • Ongoing diligence needed to prepare for and respond to a breach 

All of these factors contribute to improving ways to understand and stay abreast of the risks associated with cyber breaches.

Join the discussion on how to bolster defense systems, as current response practices diminish against rapidly changing threats and the technologies that enable them.

Please contact Jon Scorcia, VP, Delegate Engagement at Skytop Strategies for program or registration related inquiries.

Members of LEVICK’s network receive 25% off of delegate registration.

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