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The Criminalization of the Boardroom, Part III

LEVICK was honored to work in concert with Akerman’s litigation and white collar crime divisions on a three-part Forbes series detailing a disquieting trend: the increasing criminalization of “normal” business conduct. We interviewed a range of experts on this matter, including business executives who served in the trenches of the highest profile corporate matters of the past decade, some of whom talked to us on the record, others on background.

The third and final installment includes a series of recommendations on what companies and their boards should do to inoculate themselves against unwarranted prosecution. Best practices range from establishing rigorous codes of executive conduct and linking performance with strict compliance to ethical rules and federal, state and local regulations.

In the coming weeks, LEVICK will be issuing the second in a series of co-branded e-books, this one with Akerman, about the dangers of corporate criminalization. In partnership with AIG, Marsh, Beazley, Munich Re and others, LEVICK will be issuing other e-books on topics that range from cybersecurity to the unique litigation, regulatory and political challenges facing foreign companies doing business in or expanding into the US.

If your company has a topic that you believe is worth exploring in a co-branded e-book, please contact

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